Construction Industry News and Articles Construction news and articles of interest to people in the building, construction, and related fields, topics include Press Releases, Industry Trends, and others. Long-Reach Excavators Benefit Industrial amp;amp; Scrap Metal Demolition - Construction Industry News and Articles Used in industrial demolition when explosives aren’t an option or when workers are deconstructing a building piece-by-piece, long-reach excavators provide the precision and control that wrecking balls don’t offer. Their versatility as a demolition tool is....]]> Fri, 6 Sep 2013 13:06:53 GMT Grease Trap Maintenance - Construction Industry News and Articles Grease traps are an important part of any water treatment system where fatty oils, sludge and grease is entered into the plumbing system. As the name implies, the grease trap will trap the grease and other oils and separate it from the water. This is designed to ensure the....]]> Thu, 5 Sep 2013 20:41:11 GMT Effects of a Broken Grease Trap - Construction Industry News and Articles Restaurants and other food service businesses, gas stations with a car wash, laundromats and commercial laundry services are some of the businesses required by local laws to install a grease trap or solid waste interceptor. Any businesses that disposes potentially harmful....]]> Thu, 5 Sep 2013 09:39:19 GMT Designing for Eco-Friendly Deconstruction - Construction Industry News and Articles When you mention commercial demolition, it’s common for people to imagine a building imploding into a pile of rubble or a wrecking ball slamming into the side of a building. Industrial demolition and other forms of demolition contribute to the over 74 million tons....]]> Wed, 25 Dec 2013 10:09:01 GMT