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Precast Concrete Offsite Ensures Quality and Strength

Precast Concrete Offsite Ensures Quality and Strength
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Mar 25, 2013 - 8:43:04 PM

Concrete is one of the most important building blocks of the modern world. It is found in an incredibly high number of structures ranging from houses to office buildings and even dams used to help control rivers. Concrete has been an important tool in the creation of structures since as far back as Roman times.

All concrete is cast either on site or in a factory. Casting is the process of molding the building material into the desired shape for walls, barriers and other designs. Casting at the site involves using a temporary or mobile mold in order to get the concrete into place before letting it set to cure, or harden.

***image3***The other option is to have the concrete precast into the desired shape and shipped to the site. Precast concrete is molded and cured inside of a dedicated factory overseen by several technicians in order to promote a clean casting. While it may not seem like an adaptable means of creating concrete walls, it does allow for a great deal of control over the environment and creation of the resulting shape.

Control is the biggest reason to have precast concrete molded offsite. Using an accredited and established concrete plant allows builders very specific orders to match all needs. The plant is then able to maintain a controlled environment that best suits the creation of concrete constructs.

Another important reason to consider offsite precasting is the ability for technicians to strictly monitor the curing process. Curing is very important to ensure concrete is able to harden properly and not become brittle. With proper time and conditions at the offsite location, the precast forms are better positioned to be what the job requires.

Exact sizing is also possible when cast offsite. Through state of the art equipment that is able to create a specific set of measurements, precast molds are able to be fitted to almost any size. Onsite casting may allow for more flexibility, but offsite will get the same size with every casting.

Lastly, offsite casting guarantees the materials used in the concrete. When pouring concrete onsite there is the possibility of other materials being mixed in, as well. Dust, contaminants and excess liquids can all seep into the concrete as it is being poured. The controlled environment of a precasting facility limits the possibility of extra substances creeping into molds.

Buildings require exact measurements and quality products in order to be able to stand the test of time. Precast molds ensure that the concrete will be properly set, strong and durable. When working on the next job site consider having concrete precast at a certified plant for quality

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