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Stay on Time, and on Budget with Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Stay on Time, and on Budget with Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
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Oct 26, 2012 - 1:10:34 PM

Tight schedules and budgets are an all-too-common struggle with construction projects. Luckily, some of this stress can be alleviated by utilizing pre-engineered metal SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). Naturally, during the planning phase it is imperative to consider material expenses as well as their longevity and durability. Pre-engineered buildings facilitate quicker construction times, and make it easier to stay on budget – a budget that is lower than it would have been with conventional building materials.
Installation of Metal SIPs is Quick and Easy

Even before construction, time-saving aspects of pre-engineered metal building materials begin to take effect. When drawing up the building plans, it’s a simple matter to determine the precise number of metal SIPs that the project will require. Consequently, this eliminates the need to wait for the delivery of additional materials due to a miscalculation during the planning stage. Once the metal SIPs are delivered, installation is quick and easy. A large portion of the building is assembled with each panel, and the “tongue-and-groove” design makes them simple to connect. After the installation of the first panel, the remaining metal SIPs follow expeditiously.
Thermally-Efficient Metal Building Systems
When constructing a small, basic building conventionally, it can take a week or more to erect the studs and secure the frame. Alternatively, when using metal SIPs as the load-bearing component, the same-size building will require only a day and half of work instead of seven. At this point, the metal SIPs comprise a structure that is insulated, with interior and exterior barriers, after just the installation of the panels. All of these characteristics of pre-engineered metal buildings speed up the building process, so construction not only progresses faster, but further, in a shorter period of time.
A More Cost-Effective Option

A pre-engineered metal building is not merely constructed more quickly than its conventional counterparts, it requires a smaller budget. Because the metal SIPs are lightweight and easy-to-install, a smaller construction crew is required – saving substantial funds that labor costs would have necessitated. When constructing larger, more complex structures, metal SIPs cannot serve as the main load-bearers. Their strength, however, will result in decreased steel usage for the framework and infrastructure of the building. Steel girders and skeletal framing will both accommodate bigger gaps, so there will be lower labor costs here, as well as fewer funds directed toward steel materials. The use of metal SIPs will result in lowered steel requirements, and therefore costs, for pre-engineered metal buildings.
Finish Your Project Faster, and for Less

Pre-engineered metal buildings, constructed with metal SIPs, have significantly decreased construction times and costs, in comparison to more conventional materials. Because metal SIPs combine insulation as well as interior and exterior barriers into one material – they will result in much lower labor costs. In addition to the initial construction, metal SIPs accumulate substantial savings throughout the life of the building.

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