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Monday, July 21, 2014
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Utilizing Conservatories for Formal Events

A conservatory can be used for commercial, as well as residential applications. Similar to a residential setting, a conservatory used in a commercial capacity serves as a place for rest and relaxation. The elegant space a conservatory offers can also provide the ideal setting for a formal event such as a wedding reception, dinner, or ball. When the conservatory is not being utilized to host a formal event, customers and employees alike can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere the conservatory offers. The....

Posted in    Architecture and Design, Thursday, June 25, 2015, 1 Week Ago

Creating a Guest Cottage in Your Greenhouse

The joy of having friends and family visit can sometimes be overshadowed by the stress of providing a suitable place in your home for them to stay. Creating a guest cottage in your greenhouse will provide your guests with a relaxing place to stay, and allow you to enjoy the visit without worrying about having enough space for everyone. Planning Considerations An attached greenhouse (one that shares a wall with your home) will not require as much planning as a freestanding greenhouse. A freestanding....

Posted in    Architecture and Design, Thursday, January 8, 2015, 6 Months Ago

How to Make the Most of Your Porch

Porches and patios are relaxing spaces to entertain friends or family during the summer months or to keep an eye on your children as they play, but these locations are not practical for year-round use. A porch alone does not provide protection from the elements, whether it be inclement weather, precipitation, or extreme heat or humidity. A conservatory, on the other hand, can provide a year-round sanctuary for the same purposes as a porch. Enclosing a patio or creating an entirely new structure does require....

Posted in    Architecture and Design, Thursday, December 18, 2014, 7 Months Ago

Selling More Than Flowers in a Greenhouse

Often times, greenhouses are perceived only as plant and produce selling locations, but greenhouses can offer an exciting retail environment for nearly any product. Greenhouses provide calm, serene environments for customers to browse products ranging from plants to greeting cards to gifts and more. No matter what inventory you stock, the abundant natural light of a greenhouse will provide a unique viewing experience when compared to the harsh, commercial lighting of brick and mortar stores. Glazing selections....

Posted in    Business, Thursday, December 11, 2014, 7 Months Ago

Growing Flowers and Fruit in Your Greenhouse

Greenhouses offer gardening enthusiasts the ability to grow their favorite plants year-round. Though, it is often a common misconception that flowers and fruit cannot be grown in the same environment. Through proper planning a greenhouse environment can be created where both flowers and fruit can thrive. Growing both flowers and fruit may be as simple as designating a set of benches for flowers and another set for fruit trees, or as complex as creating independent zones in your greenhouse. The designation....

Posted in    Architecture and Design, Thursday, December 4, 2014, 8 Months Ago

Water Features in Greenhouses

Water features, such as ponds and fountains, are usually located outdoors, but a greenhouse provides the opportunity to enjoy these elements indoors. Greenhouses are typically utilized to grow plants and flowers year-round, a water feature can add a unique element to a glazed structure. Water features in a greenhouse can come in the form of a pond, fountain, or waterfall. All three of these options fill the greenhouse with the sound of running water, creating a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. The background....

Posted in    Architecture and Design, Thursday, November 20, 2014, 8 Months Ago

Conservatories for Growing

Conservatories are typically seen as spaces to relax, host a dinner party, or celebrate a special occasion with friends and family, but they can also be used to grow plants. The glazed roof and walls of a conservatory provide exposure to sunlight that plants and trees, such as limes and oranges, need to grow. Citrus trees thrive in conservatories because they are easy to care for and do well in sunlit, sheltered environment of the conservatory. Growing orange and/or lime trees in your conservatory not only....

Posted in    House Building, Thursday, November 13, 2014, 8 Months Ago

Greenhouses for Dining/Entertaining

The word greenhouse evokes an image of a glass building full of benches and shelves covered in flowers, plants, and trees. What many people fail to realize is that greenhouses can be used for more than just growing plants. When properly designed, greenhouses are excellent spaces for entertaining friends and family or enjoying an evening meal. Whether free standing or attached to your location, greenhouses are designed for year-round use. A greenhouse designer can work with you to create one large open space....

Posted in    Architecture and Design, Thursday, November 6, 2014, 9 Months Ago

Reasons to Include a Conservatory in Design

The decision to add a conservatory to your property may seem like a lavish expense, but advances in manufacturing processes have lowered costs and increased building efficiencies, making a conservatory a very affordable addition to any home or commercial location. Conservatories offer numerous benefits to their inhabitants including improved health and increased property value. In the past, conservatories had to be imported from England, and were manufactured with wood framing that expanded and contracted....

Posted in    Architecture and Design, Friday, October 31, 2014, 9 Months Ago

Solar Innovations, Inc. Introduces Walkable Skylight Options

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial skylights; folding, sliding, and stacking walls, doors, windows, and screens; sunrooms; greenhouses; garden windows; and conservatories; introduces walkable skylight options. Although Solar has been offering walkable skylights for several years, the recent surge in popularity has lead to upgraded product offerings. Larger overall units are now available to fulfill nearly any desired needs. Individual glass units up to four feet by....

Posted in    Construction Trends, Friday, September 26, 2014, 10 Months Ago

Planning for Glass

Whether you are building a greenhouse or upgrading the windows in your home selecting the correct glass is critical and should be viewed as a 20 year or longer investment. There are several factors you should consider when planning for glass, including the type of application, location of the structure, and privacy. Each of these concerns can be addressed with the appropriate glass unit, type, and tint/coating selection.   First, you must choose between single pane or insulated (double or triple....

Posted in    Architecture and Design, Friday, September 5, 2014, 11 Months Ago

Coordinating Conservatory Architecture with Existing Surroundings

One step that often gets overlooked when planning for a conservatory is the architecture of surrounding buildings. Do the buildings on the property have a traditional or modern feel? Do you want the conservatory to blend with surroundings or become the focal point? When designing a new conservatory first consider the structure’s height and width. A conservatory should not be taller than existing structures, and should be proportional in width. The conservatory’s shape should also blend well with....

Posted in    Architecture and Design, Friday, July 25, 2014, 1 Year Ago

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