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Hot-Weather Safety Tips For Construction Sites

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September 24th, 2013 by Damien Pieczara

Hot-Weather Safety Tips For Construction Sites
Hot-Weather Safety Tips For Construction Sites That All Supervisors And Workers Must Know

If you operate a construction firm, keeping your crew safe and sound in a jobsite when the temperatures are soaring high is a challenge. How do you convince someone to wear a heavy material overall or dungarees in a hot summer climate while working and still feel comfortable? Unless you want to suffocate them under the stress of high heat temperatures. As a matter of fact, heat stress is the number one cause of fatigue and distraction. You will realize that your workers are not paying attention to details anymore.

That said, what's the solution because your workers need to protect themselves anyway?

The rule of the thumb remains--keep them hydrated. It may seem very obvious, but there are practical challenges that come with it too. If you want to embrace safety at all times, then keep reading because this article has great summer safety tips for those individuals who stay outdoors working.


1 Hydrate

There are many beverages out there to keep you hydrated, but water is the best. The problem is that it's tasteless and boring. So a little spicing up would be a great favor indeed. You could add electrolytic beverages such as Squincher or Gatorade to the water. You could even complement it with a slice of lemon and see the magic. These additives will instantly turn the tasteless water into something fun to drink, and they add electrolytes to the body. To make it sound clear, think of a wet cell battery and how it behaves when a low concentration of battery acid is added onto it. Your body loves anything that sparks it into action, so this complement will help it perform better.


2 keep off designer beverage labels such as Red Bull

Carbonated drinks and sugary concoctions are not recommended at this time. Anything with caffeine should also be avoided at all cost. Lemonade or citrus beverages are fine, although you need to supplement them with 50% water. If you are a smoker, try and cut back on your consumption of tobacco since it limits proper circulation of oxygen into the lungs.


3 Selecting your lunch hour meals

Most people consume junk foods because they think these meals are quick and convenient. What they don't know is that these foods are full of unhealthy fats and preservatives. When such elements get into the digestive system, they tend to stress the body in high heat environment. Your safest bet would be to eat bigger portions for breakfast and smaller portions during lunchtime. If possible, eat salads and avoid solid meals.




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