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Collaboration Brings About Innovation

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October 2nd, 2013 by Michael Mitchell

Collaboration Brings About Innovation

COOS BAY, OREGON – September 2013 – “Building Strong Foundations for a Better Future” is not just a mission statement, but he driving force behind every project to which West Coast Contractors (www.westcoastcontractors.com) commits. Heavy construction projects bring social and environmental impacts, and to complete these projects without negative effects, contractors must be flexible.


As one of the premier marine and heavy construction contractor companies in the Pacific Northwest, West Coast Contractors continuously works hand in hand with communities to ensure safe, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging of construction projects. Whether a project takes place in the water or on land, WCC consciously adapts to the stringent social and environmental needs they face.


WCC and Anderson Construction Co. paved the way to a new, state-of-the-art NOAA facility in Newport, Oregon. WCC’s in-water portion of the project included the driving and installation of pier piles, fender piles, and pier planks using a barge mounted, GPS-guided template (1,400 ft long pier for NOAA’s Pacific Coast fleet). The company also performed dredging, mitigation excavation, and concrete pouring work. While constructing the docks for the facility, WCC worked alongside NOAA to minimize its effects on the marine life and ensure that the highest environmental standards were met.



Another notable marine construction project for West Coast Contractors, recently, was the rebuilding of a historic fishing pier in Trinidad. Due to an extremely limited in-water work period, WCC had a narrow window to replace the debilitated 70-year-old pier. Crab season, a vital part of the local economy took place during construction.



WCC came up with a solution that kept work on-schedule and allowed crab fishing to thrive. By day, the company used its crane and equipment to construct the new pier. At night, second-shift crane operators were delegated to assist the fishermen with unloading their catch. They used the crane to lift crab-filled bins from boats and placed them in an accessible area near the shore to load onto trucks. Both the fishermen and the town were thrilled that they were able to bring their catch to market and maintain a source of income.



Examples such as these are a common occurrence for the WCC team, exemplifying the intangible quality that brings them success on every project. WCC continues to exceed expectations on each project they take on.





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Find more information by visiting www.westcoastcontractors.com or contact Michael Mitchell at Christie Communications at mmitchell@christiecomm.com

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