New Marine Grade Stainless Steel Handle

New Marine Grade Stainless Steel Handle
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New Jacob lever door handle now comes in a 316 grade (marine grade) stainless steel which adds to their architectural hardware range.

New Marine Grade Stainless Steel Handle

Their new Jacob 316 lever door handle is a breakthrough in many ways. Architect designed, this handle has been designed over a period of time, keeping in mind the end user as well as the installer.

Made from marine grade stainless steel (316), it is able to deal with sea side environments. This is ideal for properties all around the coast and for anyone who is looking for durability.

Affordable, at just $52 for a pair of handles, it makes this handle a real alternative which could be used throughout the house at this price.

Modern square design. This design compliments most modern doors and current fashions. It's based on good design principles and should be a timeless handle. The edges of the square handle are also rounded to make it very comfortable on the hand.

Easy to install. The handle has been designed with Australian carpenters in mind. It is simple and fits over standard methods and locks commonly used in Australian construction.

Will not twist. Most builders complain about square handles twisting over time and scratching the paint work. These handles have a patented fixing system that guarantees this will not happen.

Buy directly from the importer. We design and import these handles so they can only be found at This helps us keep the price down and therefore the consumer wins.

Environmentally friendly handle. This handle has been designed to last an extremely long time. This reduces the requirement to constantly be using energy to make new handles to replace poor quality handles that might be changed due to mechanical failure, finish being affected by the environment or fashion. This handle should outlast your door and could be used on the new replacement door many, many years from now.

Concealed fixings. There are no visible screws or unsightly elements on either of the handles (come in pairs). This means that the look is consistent from both sides of the door. We have noticed that there are many door handles on the market that show only the outside handle as this has no fixings, but when you go to install the handle, you notice that there are two visible screws on one side of the rose. We believe this is not only ugly, but unethical. This is why we have gone to great lengths to design a new fixing system that shows no visible screws or the like. What you see is what you get.

Being made of marine grade (316) stainless steel, it means that the construction is strong. This has made it possible for us to use stronger springs which in turn reduces the possibility of the springs breaking over a period of time. It also ensures that the handle returns to a horizontal position every time. There is nothing worse than a sagging handle. This also means that it is strong enough to be used in commercial applications such as offices, showrooms and the like.

There is no need for electroplating, powder coating or any other form of applied finish. The 316 grade stainless steel is simply linished (brushed) and left as is. This ensures that there cannot be any flaking or peeling off of any applied finish over a period of time. If scratched the handle can be linished again to remove or reduce the scratch. With applied finishes, if the handle is scratched, it will show up a different colour or finish below the outermost finish drawing the eye to it. This can bother ones sense of aesthetics quite strongly and in many cases require the entire handle to be replaced as repairing scratches is expensive.

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