Heated Gutter Guards

Heated Gutter Guards
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Heated gutter guards are easy to overlook. Here are some features and benefits to using this product during the winter climate.

Heated Gutter Guards

Why Heated Gutter Guards Increase Home Safety While Saving Time And Money

Does snow and ice clog your gutters or form icicles? Does water back up from leaves leftover from fall, freezing your gutters and leading to potential home flooding once the temperature rises?

If this just about describes your winter predicament, then you might want to consider adding heat to your gutter guards. Heated gutter guards can stop icicles, ice dams and snow build-up from forming in your gutters and protect your home from flooding and damage.

Features of Heated Gutter Guards
- It won’t compromise the water receiving area of the gutter guard. Heated gutter guards with receiving micromesh surfaces are not altered in any way, nor does the heating cable interfere with the amount of water we can handle in any season.
- It allows the heat to radiate. Since direct heat through open air works best, you’ll want to keep that heat cable exposed to as much open air as possible to make sure all the heat you generate is used efficiently.
- Since micromesh products are thinner, they’ll heat faster and transfer into more of the product, costing you less. Since the body of micromesh gutter guards is perforated, heat easily transfers through it and the stainless steel filter, which is 99.7% air and water permeable. Once the metal heats up, the heat quickly transfers to the gutter below. Since the gutter is thin, it will require a low wattage heat cable, which is not only less expensive, but it allows the heat to travel through less of the product.
- The water can touch the heat cable, allowing for maximum transfer of heat to the water dropping into the gutter below. Just as long as there isn’t a rip or tear in the cable, there won’t be an issue with water coming in contact with it.
- It can be adapted to your requirements, since situations vary from home to home. You’ll want flexibility in the placement of the heating element for optimal thawing.

Benefits of Heated Gutter Guards
- Safety from icicles forming and dripping onto any surface. You certainly don’t want to transform your yard or deck into a potential skating rink. When gutters fill with ice, there’s a greater chance for icicles to form along their front lip. When they start to drip, you don’t want to risk a fall and gutter heaters will stop the problem from starting in the first place.
- Protects your investments and prevents costly home repairs. Water damage from frozen gutters can lead to repairing sheet rock, insulation, floors, siding, etc. as well as destruction to any home goods that were in the rooms where the flooding occurred. Gutter heaters allow melting snow from your roof to continue to flow away from where it can do the most harm.
- Saves you money by costing less than your insurance deductible. Installing gutter heaters can save you from the unexpected problems caused during the winter.
- Offers convenience and peace of mind just by flicking on a switch and forgetting about the snow fall. You can sleep soundly and go to work knowing that your home is properly protected.

The many benefits and excellent features of heated gutter guards give plenty of reasons to consider adding heat to your gutter guards before winter takes its toll on your gutters, roof, and most importantly, your home. Instead of suffering through another winter of feeling anxious about ice clogs, snow-build up and flooding, consider shopping for heated gutter guards to put your mind at ease this winter season.

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