Making Contractors' Lives Easier

Making Contractors' Lives Easier
, 3 Yaers Ago, Comments [0] Makes Contractors’ Lives Easier Using An Obvious Yet Overlooked Method

Making Contractors' Lives Easier

Oak Harbor, Washington, USA -- Monk and DBug, LLC is set to launch, an innovative new website and newsletter focused on making life easier for contractors -- using an as-yet-not-seen method.

This 4th in a series of construction-related websites focuses on providing information that readers specifically request. The related newsletter is the first of its kind -- made to keep up with the contractor rather than slow him down.

Each newsletter:
Is designed to be read within 5-10 minutes

Has one article (written by an industry expert) answering readers’ questions

Provides practical solutions for contractors to increase their income while decreasing their hassles

"With today’s smartphones and tablets the contractor doesn’t even have to be in his office to read the newsletter. He can read it on his mobile device wherever he’s at. He can also print it to take with him should he wish. It’s all about what works best for the contractor." explains Diane Dennis, founder of Monk and DBug, LLC and a battle-scarred ex-contractor herself.

Early on in her contracting career she learned that there was painfully little information available for contractors.

"Now the exact opposite is true. There’s too much information, so much so that it’s impossible for the busy contractor to find time to wade through and find the practical solutions that’ll lessen their hassles and increase their income." said Diane.

Based on responses from 2000 of her current subscribers she created a free gift "Thrive in Today’s Contracting World -- An Exclusive Collection Of Articles Written By Industry Experts" consisting of short, quick-to-read articles answering various questions from her respondents.

Said Robin Sauls, Administrative Assistant, Siding Pros Corporation:

"Recently I was privileged to read the newest scoop from Diane... Here is a compilation of short, concise articles on how to grow your business, pitfalls in obtaining liability insurance or other insurances, articles on liens, etc. Pithy, short (who really has time to read a 10 page article?), these are just what I am looking for to help me with the daily challenges of helping my boss while he is in the field. He expects me to know what is required to satisfy the myriad of laws regulating construction. That is where Diane is stellar."

Individuals interested in benefiting from the information provided are welcome to visit the website and claim their free gift.


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