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Top 5 Construction Management Software Solutions For Contractors

Long gone are the days of endless paperwork to keep track of the progress of a construction job. Nowadays, in the age of tech, contractors and construction project managers have more than enough options to manage their projects with software. In fact, there are so many choices out there, it’s easy to....

Utilizing a Canopy as a Pool Cover

Pools and spas are a great entertainment feature for resorts, clubs, amusement parks, and even for residential applications. Trees, shrubs, and other vegetation near the water feature, though they are ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere, create debris build-up in the pool and filter system. With that....

Designing a Conservatory As a Spa

A conservatory is an extremely versatile structure that is commonly used for dining, entertaining, and gardening. A somewhat lesser known application includes incorporating a spa into a conservatory. Conservatories provide unobstructed views of the outdoors, allowing users to enjoy the serenity of nature....

Utilizing an Interior Partitions as Flexible Office Space

Interior partitions, commonly referred to as room-dividers, increase a structure’s flexibility by creating additional rooms within an open floor plan. Schools, offices, restaurants, and family homes all benefit from their ability to create a cozy, yet temporary, space within a larger room. Their....

Multi-Purpose Sunroom As Playroom

Multifunctional rooms that serve more than one purpose have been gaining popularity in the residential design field. These rooms can consolidate space within a home and economize the construction budget. All too often, project rooms are utilized for short periods of time during the day based on their intended....

Creating a Recreation Area at Home

Working out regularly has numerous health benefits including controlling weight, decreasing the risk for stroke and type 2 diabetes, improving your mood, and promoting better sleep. Swimming is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that can be completed daily to achieve these benefits. Enclosing your....

Utilizing a Conservatory as a Pool House

Conservatories are often thought of as structures that are attached to the home in lean-to configurations.  A conservatory can also be a freestanding structure, creating the opportunity for more uses, such as a pool house. The peaceful atmosphere of a conservatory is the ideal setting for a pool house....

Utilizing Conservatories for Formal Events

A conservatory can be used for commercial, as well as residential applications. Similar to a residential setting, a conservatory used in a commercial capacity serves as a place for rest and relaxation. The elegant space a conservatory offers can also provide the ideal setting for a formal event such as a....

Maintaining The Visual Appeal Of Your Gravel Driveway

Gravel is a great alternative to concrete and asphalt in making outdoor spaces, including garden paths and driveways, functional and attractive. Additionally, gravel may also be used for general landscaping to offer a beautiful contrast around the garden or when sprucing up borders as well as flower beds.....

EngineerSupply Expands with Artograph Brand Products

EngineerSupply, a leading online distributor of construction equipment, tools and land surveying supplies has expanded its already diverse product offering with the addition of the complete line of Artograph Light Boxes, Projectors, Spray Booths and Open Studio Furniture. Artograph provides a continuous flow....

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